Posted: 16 May 2013. Updated: 14 November 2013

Campaign update

Following the vote to grant bullfighting protected cultural heritage status by the Congress of Deputies in October 2013, the Senate also voted in favour of the legislation on 6 November 2013, which will now sadly become law.

However, Spanish groups are to launch a citizens’ initiative in 2014 to reverse the new legislation and ADI will supporting efforts to overturn this decision.

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The Spanish government is intending to safeguard bullfights nationwide under legislation that would give this barbaric activity protected cultural heritage status. The proposal would be introduced by the approval of a legislative initiative, which is being promoted by the pro-bullfighting lobby in Spain.

To oppose the move:

ADI is working with a coalition of animal protection organisations in the UK, The Netherlands and Spain who are calling on the public to urge the Spanish government to take a compassionate stance against this cruel pastime.

0047 Fight the proposal to give bullfighting legal protection in Spain

Take action!

  • Contact the Spanish Embassy in London (template letter available)
  • If you live outside the UK, please contact the Spanish Embassy in your country – for contact details see here
  • Sign and share the petition to UNESCO which opposes moves to protect bullfighting as a form of “cultural heritage” in France and Spain. The petition is in Spanish – please enter your first name (Nombre), surname (Apellido), city (Ciudad), country (Pais) and email address (Dirección de correo electronic) to take part.

Participating organisations:
CAS International, Fundación de Ayuda a los Animales, Humane Society International, League Against Cruel Sports, PETA and WSPA

ADI also joined forces with 35 animal protection organisations across Europe and supported a petition, spearheaded by the Spanish group ADDA. The petition states: “We the undersigned, raise our loudest formal protest to the Spanish government for processing such a regressive proposal, granting privileges to a private, decadent and unjustifiable business which is unable to sustain itself. We object that they want to involve these bloody spectacles in the development of education and culture. We also object to this move for encouraging animal abuse, for not wanting to hear, or understand the wish of the majority of citizens and for using its power and influence to interfere with the ethical and moral progress of the whole society.”

View the petition: English / Spanish

Thank you to everyone who participated in the petition, and asked friends, family and colleagues to sign up.

The petition of 17,970 handwritten signatures was presented on 30 September 2013 to the President of the Spanish Parliament, Mr. Jesús Posada.

Supporting organisations:
ADDA (Asociación Derechos Defensa Animal), ADEBO (Asociación para la Defensa del Borrico), Alliance Anticorrida, Animal Defenders International, Animal Help, Animal Welfare And Trade, Amigos De Los Animales De Castellón, Animalius, ARCADYS (Asociación Defensa Animal), ASANDA (Asociación Andaluza para la Defensa de los Animales), ASOA (Associació Segona Oportunitat Animal), Asociación Protectora De Animales De Ayamonte, Associació Amics I Voluntaris –Gossera De Barcelona, Associació D’amics Dels Animals Del Caad Maresme Argentona, AWI (Animal Welfare Institute), CAAN (Catalunya Amiga dels Animals i la Natura), CRAC Europe, Darwin, DDEVIDA (Defensa de los Derechos de la Vida Animal), Ecologistes En Acció, El Albergue, FEBA (Federación Española para el Bienestar Animal), FEDAN (Federació d’entitats pro drets dels animals i la natura), Federación De Protectoras De Animales De Extremadura (FEPAEX), FLAC (Féderération des Luttes pour l’Abolition des Corridas –Francia), Fundació Mona –Centre De Recuperació De Primats, Fundación Yelcho, One Voice, PAA (Plataforma Animalista Andaluza), PAA (Plataforma Animalista Mundial), Progat Catalunya, Progat Cornellà, Proyecto Gran, Simio (GAP/PGS-España), Sociedad Protectora De Xátiva, Sociedad Valenciana Protectora De Animales Y Plantas, Zarapeludos Protección Animal

Bullfighting has no place in a civilized society. Please help us stop this savage and sadistic “sport” from being granted cultural protection.

For more information about bullfighting see here

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