Miracle’s story is truly remarkable. Snatched from the streets of north-east Thailand and destined for a Vietnamese dinner plate, he was saved when the truck carrying him, and hundreds of other dogs was intercepted by our undercover investigators.

0128 Miracle dog 1

The photo of a broken-spirited Miracle, his head hanging from the tiny cage that held him prisoner, was shared and re-shared on social media, until it was seen by a lady named Amanda, thousands of miles away in Scotland.

Amanda went on to adopt Miracle, who has formed the most incredible bond with her son Kyle. Kyle has cerebral palsy and is autistic, and his condition makes it difficult for him to communicate with his family. In the presence of Miracle, he is visibly happier. Miracle has become his soul mate.

Last month, Miracle scooped the award for Rescue Animal of the Year at the Animal Hero Awards in the UK, where he shared the stage with celebrity animal lovers such as Ricky Gervais and legendary rock star Brian May from Queen.

0128 Miracle dog 2

Miracle’s incredible story would never have been possible without the support of everyone who has joined the fight against the dog meat trade. Please help us to keep the pressure on – your support is vital.

Please click here to help shut down this barbaric trade for good and save countless innocent dogs like Miracle from torture and slaughter.


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