Posted: 18 June 2013. Updated: 22 June 2013

Last week, the Colombian Congress passed Bill 244,2012 to end the use of wild animals in both static and travelling circuses, after a six-year public campaign following the release of critical evidence of animal suffering collected by investigators from ADI.

ADI is the Colombian Government’s chosen NGO to coordinate all animal rescue efforts and involvement by animal groups in the rescue and relocation of the animals. As such, we are working with the Colombian government on regulations and any animal seizures resulting from the ban.

News of the ban has traveled across the world. The following is a list of media outlets that have covered the story:

0079 Colombias Circus Animal Ban Makes Headlines Worldwide


United States

United Kingdom







Learn more

  • Read the announcement about the Colombian Circus Animal ban here
  • Help save these animals – make a donation today
  • Read about the campaign to Stop Circus Suffering Colombia here
  • See pictures from ADI’s investigations here
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