Protecting the elephants of Faro National Park

Descriptions & Plan
Faro National Park under threat.

In February 2012, heavily armed poaching gangs from Sudan massacred more than 50% of the elephants in northern Cameroon's Bouba N'djida National Park. While Faro National Park avoided the elephant massacre, financial and technical shortfalls—not to mention its location near the border of Nigeria—make this park extremely vulnerable to poachers and habitat destruction.

In recent years, it has experienced increased poaching pressure and significant intrusion by pastoralists. While dedicated park staff is on the ground, they lack adequate support to carry out effective intervention and management.
African Wildlife Foundation will provide technical assistance.

At 3,300 sqare kilometers, Faro National Park is one of the largest parks in Cameroon and is home to significant numbers of elephant, Cameroon's largest population of hippopotamus as well as Lord Derby eland, roan antelope, giraffe, lion, leopard, and cheetah. To protect these species, AWF will strengthen existing counter-poaching forces, providing much-needed training and equipment. AWF will also help village and park guards integrate new ecological-monitoring procedures and technology into their patrols.

0020 Cameroon Elephant Anti-Poaching

Read more http://www.awf.org/projects/cameroon-elephant-anti-poaching

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