Imagine a world without Elephants?

Second only to the wildlife trade, human-wildlife conflict affects millions of wild animals worldwide. Human-wildlife conflict often arises from fast-growing people population and destruction of wild habitat. In Africa, the human-wildlife conflict specially affects hundreds of elephants who often become victims in fight for limited food resources.

Many crops planted on the borders of the Mikumi National Park in central Tanzania often become irresistible to elephants that stray from the park and raid the farms, devastating the farmers' fragile livelihoods. In a desperate attempt to protect their crops, farmers use inhumane methods, such as snares, guns and poison, to control the elephants in the mistaken belief that the culling will solve the problem.

But it does not have to be this way...Thanks to compassionate animal protectors like you, WSPA is successfully implementing humane solutions to protect elephants, as well as improve livelihoods of the local communities. We are installing chili and beehive fences around farms that humanely deter the elephants from the crops without causing them any harm.

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