Help stop the horrific torture of dog meat farms in Asian countries!! Help the desperate plight of dogs, cats, and other animals in China and other Asian countries that are tortured every day.

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation nemmar.page.link/318

No Dogs Left Behind nemmar.page.link/438

China Political Perversion, not culture, led to the Dog Meat Trade nemmar.page.link/454 

Stop Yulin nemmar.page.link/462

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If possible, do not buy products made in China. Of all countries, China has the worst record for animal torture, abuse, and species extermination. The ridiculous, absurd and insatiable desire in Asian countries for Chinese "medicines" made from animal body parts accounts for the torture and extinction of countless animals and wildlife species around the world!!


  • Take Two Rhino Horns and Call Me in the Morning. How Communist leader Mao's bogus medical system doomed tigers and other wildlife. nemmar.page.link/258
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has many articles of China is causing species extinction by using animal body parts as "medicine". nemmar.page.link/290
  • What You Need to Know About Tiger Farms in China. nemmar.page.link/291
  • Shark fin soup in Chinese cuisine leads to killing up to 70 million sharks every year. nemmar.page.link/292
  • Living turtles and fish sealed inside plastic bags and sold as souvenir key rings in China. nemmar.page.link/293
  • "Chairman" Mao: The real inventor of using animal body parts as “medicine”. nemmar.page.link/259
    • Communist leader Mao Zedong killed more people than anyone in history (70-100 million people) and he created the "tradition" of killing countless animals to sell their body parts as "medicine"!! The majority of people are ignorant to historical FACTS!! Left-wing politicians, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, and Fascists are almost always immoral, evil, with an insatiable greed for money and power. They use ideology of the Left in politics and government to destroy everything while trying to achieve their fantasy utopia society! And yes, even the Nazi Party was a movement of left-wing political ideology: Nazi Party and Liberals are heirs of Nazis and Hitler's Socialist dream and Hitler was a Socialist Liberal 
    • Intellectual Poverty on the Left - arrogance is no substitute for intellectual humility. nemmar.page.link/322



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