In our articles section you will find articles, news and reports on animal, wildlife and conservation topics. We have always had passion to help animals and wildlife. We often volunteer to help animal rescue groups.

After reading the horrific story of how some cruel, sadistic and evil people in China, Korea, and South East Asia are torturing and cooking dogs alive, we wanted to help increase public interest against animal cruelty worldwide. With this website we are trying to help animals and wildlife worldwide and raise awareness to get more people involved.

Animals cannot speak to defend themselves - compassionate people need to speak for them.

"Qui male agit odit lucem."
("He who behaves badly hates the light.")

Bible: John 3:20 - Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.


If everyone helps a little, we can eliminate animal suffering worldwide!



Please try to NOT buy products that are made in China as a protest to China's horrible animal rights record!! If enough people buy fewer products made in China, then the Chinese government will be encouraged to strictly enforce laws and take action to help save animals and wildlife from abuse, torture and slaughter killing that leads to extermination of many species! Of all countries in the world, China has the worst record for animal torture, abuse, and species extermination. Some examples include the poaching and trafficking in elephant ivory, rhinoceros horns, tiger bones, bear bile and gall bladders, tortoises, seahorses, and the list goes on and on. The ridiculous, absurd and insatiable desire in Asian countries for Chinese "medicines" made from animal body parts account for the torture and extinction of countless animal and wildlife species worldwide!!


Ever wonder why some Chinese take-out restaurants have such low menu prices?

The answer is some restaurants use mislabeled food ingredients and very unhealthy additives. So buyer beware! (Sorry if this information makes you upset but it's based on many years of facts and data.) In Europe, North/South America, and other continents at times there are news stories of how Health Department Inspectors find cats, dogs, rats, etc. in the freezers of some Chinese restaurants!! Also, at times there are news stories of disgusting conditions found when Customs Department Inspectors open shipping containers from China with supplies destined for the local restaurants! Local residents sometimes report that the stray cats and dogs "disappear" when a Chinese restaurant opens in their neighborhood. Why do the neighborhood animals disappear? Some people in China and other Asian countries eat cats, dogs, rats, etc. and most people in Western societies are not aware of this. As a result, customers unknowingly eat these abnormal meat food ingredients sometimes when they order Chinese food.

Mislabeled food is also a problem when buying fish in stores or restaurants that is imported from China and Asian countries:

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