This is the number of animals killed for food worldwide by the meat, egg, dairy, and fish industries DURING THE TIME YOU ARE VIEWING THIS PAGE!! The numbers are reset to zero when you leave this page. They do NOT include the millions of dogs and cats killed in animal shelters every year. These numbers do NOT include the millions of animals killed each year in vivisection laboratories. They do NOT include the animals killed while forced into blood sports like bullfighting, cockfighting, dog-fighting, and bear-baiting. They do NOT include horses and greyhounds killed after they were no longer deemed suitable for racing. They do NOT include the animals who died while held captive in circuses, rodeos, zoos, and marine parks. Please eat more plant-based vegetarian food to improve your own health and reduce animal suffering worldwide!! Plant-based food is much healthier food than animal-based food! 

Animals Killed For Food While You View This Page

Animals Killed Counter

0 - Marine Animals
0 - Chickens
0 - Ducks
0 - Pigs
0 - Rabbits
0 - Turkeys
0 - Geese
0 - Sheep
0 - Goats
0 - Cows and Calves
0 - Rodents
0 - Pigeons and other Birds
0 - Buffaloes
0 - Dogs
0 - Cats
0 - Horses
0 - Donkeys and Mules
0 - Camels and other Camelids

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